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Saturday 2 December 2006

Spamhaus TOP 10 lists

top10tin.jpg Spamhaus is a well known organisation tracking spams and spammers. It offers services like the Spamhaus Block List and the Exploits Block List which are both realtime block list to be used with your mail servers. Spamhaus also tracks spammers and publishes data about them:

For example, the worste spammer today is an ukrainian citizen named Alex Polyakov also known as Alex Blood, Alexander Mosh, etc. (Alex Polyakov is the big Soviet spy character in John LeCarre's spy novel "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.").

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Sunday 26 November 2006

Catching fake replies with spamassassin

The most common (and useless?) trick used by spammers to fool users is the fake reply method. By adding "Re: <something>" in the subject, spammers assume that the victim will believe it's a reply to one of their mail. Unfortunately for them, the SMTP RFC (rfc 822) offers optional and commonly used headers for defining a reply and Spamassassin can be used to detect when those headers are missing.

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Thursday 16 November 2006

When spammers get serious

Spammers spam and I make a living stoping spam (well, that's not the only thing i do) and i do it well. At work we use a combination of Spamassassin and CRM114. That's a combination of two different antispam mechanisms:

This system isn't perfect but give pretty good results: 99.6% of the spam that were sent to my addresses were detected. But that was before they started using poisonning methods and captcha images...

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