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Monday 23 July 2007

facetime: IM & P2P attacks on the rise

header_logo_186_r.gifFacetime Security Labs, an IM Security focused research lab, recently reported that IM & P2P attacks were on the rise: a 5% inscrease of incidents targeting public IM and P2P channels for Q2 2007 compared to Q1 2007. Just to compare, over the same period in 2006 a 35% decrease was seen.

The SpywareGuide Greynets Blog summarizes:

From Q1 to Q2 2007, attacks spread via the mainstream networks (Yahoo, MSN and AOL) dropped from 74 total incidents in the first period to 64 in the second quarter. Attacks spread via AOL dropped by more than half > (from 28 incidents to 13). Overall, the MSN network accounted for 50 percent of the attacks on the major networks, followed by Yahoo at 30 percent and AOL with 20 percent.

As we predicted earlier this year, attacks spread via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) continue to account for a growing percentage of all attacks. In fact, the percentage of attacks that are IRC-based has risen in each of the last six quarters, rising from a 59 percent share in Q1 2006 to 72 percent in the current quarter.

via The SpywareGuide Greynets Blog

Wednesday 10 January 2007

IM worm on Yahoo!

Trend Micro has a report of a new worm using Yahoo (which has unfortunately nothing common with my ICQ mystery). The worm sends links looking like pictures for some of them (but they are not):

    1. http://{blocked}.info/who.jpg
    2. http://{blocked}.info/friendpic1.jpg
    3. http://{blocked}.com/Gallery/albums/album/index.php
    4. http://{blocked}.com/Gallery/albums/album/index2.php
    5. http://{blocked}.com/Gallery/albums/album/YMworm.exe
    6. http://{blocked}.com/Gallery/albums/album/worm2007.exe

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Wednesday 3 January 2007

Research: IM Malware Attacks on the Rise

According to a new research report produced by security software maker Akonix Systems, in San Diego, experts at the company unearthed some 406 new IM-borne threats over the last 12 months, compared with 347 attacks tracked by the company in 2005.

In 2004 the company's security analysts discovered just under 50 attacks that were carried out either via IM or peer-to-peer technologies.

However, attacks delivered via P2P networks appear to be falling in popularity, as Akonix researchers recorded an 11 percent decrease in that type of threat during December 2006, with only 16 such attacks reported for the month. Akonix traditionally reports its research of IM and P2P threats simultaneously.

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